and the #RCFF18
official selections are...

You Don't Get A Say
by Francesca Murphy
Dollar by Noah Eisenstein
Anxiety by JB Mason
Welcomer by Sam Gualtieri
Forwards Backwards by Jalen Ramseur-Williams
Is This Ok? A Film About Consent by POWER Interns
Uncle Bobbie's Coffee & Books
by Isaac Mandel, Maddy Dumont, Matthew McQuillan, and Lucas Johnston-Peck
3:14:18 by Kate Kopf
A Holocaust Escapee by Lauren Weber
Minute of Consciousness by Jonathon Alexander
My Time by Olivia Sandom
Born From a Boombox by Donovan Agosto
The Worst Day by Max Hakim
Georts by Andrew Semisch
Once Upon a Dream by Grace Conley
Beyond the Walls: The Stacey Torrance Story by Kaamil Jones
Happy Colored Marbles by Pablo Salvatierra
Fold by JB Mason
It's OK Not to be OK by VOICES
Gathering Dust: The Past, Present and Future of Germantown High
by Brenden Dahl, Steven Pu, Kiran McCulloch, and Caleb Metelits

Night Terror by Jalen Ramseur-Williams
Drug Store Romeo by Kate Kopf, Nat Hilton, Lyle Seitz, Sam Montgomery and Siani Davis
Masc on, Masc Off: A Film About Hyper-Masculinity by POWER Interns
Temple University and Displacement in North Philadelphia by POPPYN Producers

Shattering Refuge 
by Sonari-Nnamdi Chidi
Brothers by Ryan Haagen
The Adderall Guy by Miles Bettinelli
Macabre at Lighthouse Lake by Avery Herzog
What Happens to a Caterpillar by Franny Bernstein
Metamorphosis by Sophia You
Sold Sign by Samantha Tan
At The Table by Kristen Harrison
Vivienne by Devin Kasparian
11 by Spencer Muhlstock
Swipe Right by Nick Morgan
Pinky Promise by Laurel Murr
Man in a Box by Amanda Cohen
Becoming Catholic by Katherine Wzorek
Beyond the Soup Kitchen: Philadelphia by Sofia Barrett
Ravage by Jordan Goldstein
Ebony War Porn by Davell Barnes
The Abyss of Man by Jacob Lazarow
Castles in the Air by Jack Haston

Intangible by Hrvoje Bazina
Encounter by Christopher Oliver
Note to Self by Marshall Woodruff

(in partnership with Four Rivers Film Festival & Youth Cinema Network (EU)
Are You Following Me?- Croatia
Soaring Soldiers- Station Next- Denmark
Forfalne (Dilapidated)- Norway
Addy- United Kingdom
Jabal Mehsen and El Tebbeneh- Lebanon
Another Kind of Girl- Jordan
Forget me not (Potočnica)- Serbia
Portrets- Georgia
The True Impact- Intl Youth Media Summit (Mixed)
Branka- Croatia
Boy- Station Next- Denmark
Ernie!- by Hadley Hillel (USA via #4RFF)
Still ingen spørsmål (Ask No Questions)- Norway
Smile- Italy
iRony- Australia
100 Second Red Light- Kurdistan
Skins (Kože)- Croatia
Who Are We?- Ireland
Who's In Charge Here?- Russia
Desire- Norway
The Grey Area- MFF School- Bosnia i Hercegovina